About Araxie

I help parents solve their biggest problems with raising children aged 1 to 5. I’m passionate about the power of respect, consistency and understanding because they enable a stronger parent-child relationship. I am Chiltern Trained and have over 20 years of childcare experience working with many children both as a nursery nurse and a nanny. I am qualified with my NNEB, NVQ level 3 in childcare and have completed courses on parent training as well as sleep solutions for children. I have an enhanced DBS and I’m also first aid trained.

The package you choose is personalised for you and your family dynamics to work together, creating positive changes, strengthen your relationship and have more moments of parenting fun! I use my own experience and the latest research to give you guidance and tools to better support you long term. My approach is gentle, working with you, your child/ren as a family unit.


Do you need support with?

Here are the most common problems that I support parents with. If they look familiar, I can definitely help you. Do you have a different challenge? We will create a plan to overcome that too.

Toilet training
Behaviour management
Sleep issues
Establishing routine
Sensitive eaters
Social development

How it works

I offer four different types of packages:

Platinum: 6 months

Gold: 3 months

Silver: 6 weeks

Bronze: 6 weeks of Skype and e-mail support for those outside of London

  1. Enquiries start with a no obligation phone call.
  2. We chat through what challenges you’re currently facing and the packages that I offer in more detail.
  3. To better understand your situation, a questionnaire is completed by you.
  4. A personalised plan, Skype calls, e-mails and a minimum of two home visits (except for Bronze).


The Magic of Routine

Routine is nothing new. Many studies have shown how routine benefits the growing child:

  • It develops healthy habits e.g teeth brushing after breakfast which continues into adulthood.
  • Activities, learning and creativity are naturally built in. This in turn builds relationships and trust with parents’. For example, you let them know that it’s lunch and then it’s time to wash hands ready to eat (reinforcement).
  • Young children understand an action but have no concept of time (e.g snack/meal/bath time). Daily repetition is deeply reassuring for any child, making them feel safe and secure.
  • Helping you, the busy parent to better prepare and therefore have a day which runs more smoothly.


5 steps to a happy mealtime

  1. Try and make each meal together a social event for your child, both for emotional connection and also that the best model they have is none other than you! Children have been shown to pattern their own eating habits based on their parents’ approach to food and eating.
  2. Keep to a routine for meals (as much as you can). It’s reassuring for your child to know, for example, when we come back from the playgroup, it’s lunchtime.
  3. If your child is a sensitive eater, adopt a cautious focus on food. Name what’s on the plate and whether they’d like more or have finished, then talk about all the many other things that have happened that day or will happen.
  4. Trust your child to decide how much they want to eat. Like adults, there are days when they eat more or less than usual.
  5. Be alert to whether they had a snack earlier, which might affect their appetite. Every spoonful then becomes a struggle.


Building up your child’s confidence

One of the most effective ways is to use what’s known as ‘Descriptive Praise’. This is when you acknowledgement their achievement in an activity. For example, your child has been painting for 25 minutes and come to show you their ‘brilliant effort’. How might you respond? Rather than perhaps saying ‘that’s lovely’, you might comment on the colours they’ve used, or the fact that the entire page has been covered, eg: “ I love how you’ve used only yellow over the whole page.”

Another approach may seem counter-intuitive but can be effective: let your child get bored! Technology is often used to entertain, with a child’s mind is becoming more reliant on, say, television as way of relieving boredom rather than the space around them.

To quote a respected child psychologist, ‘Unstructured time also challenges children to explore their own passions.’

Children are extremely adept at exploring and discovering something to do if the environment is right. It might take a few attempts to master but is worth practising.

Lovely words

She is warm, non-judgemental and sensitive. Allowing our children space to express their feelings and build their confidence.

Tess and Dan, London

Araxie’s depth of knowledge is a great resource. Her suggestions have been given with great consideration for who we are as people and parents.

Malene and Alan, Scotland

Araxie is passionate about children’s development, understanding what makes them tick and encouraging individuality.

Megan and Toby, Kent

Araxie is incredibly gentle. She tailored suggestions to suit our life and habits which were respectful of our child and it worked!

Babi and Chris, Bristol